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If you wish to keep your import history confidential, we have created a step by step guide, shown below on how to hide your company’s confidential information from other importers.

Guide to Blocking Confidential Import Information

Write an email as follows:

  1. To:
  2. Subject line: Manifest Confidentiality Request: EIN 88-8888888
  3. Body of the email should be contain the following:

To whom it may concern,

Please make confidential manifest related to the following company and spelling iterations:

“INSERT” Your company name
“Note”, include EVERY possible way (max 10) your company name may appear on the manifest, including DBA
“INSERT” Your company’s full address

Should you have any questions or require any additional information I may have omitted, please do not hesitate to inform us either via email or phone as listed below.

Kind regards,
“INSERT” Your full name
“INSERT” Your company name
“INSERT” Your contact phone number

2. Wait approximately 72 hours for a reply acknowledging receipt and entry of your vessel manifest confidentiality request


  1. This is valid for 2 years only. Mark it in your calendar to do the exact request in 21 months from receipt of the confirmation.


CTPAT is but one layer in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) multi-layered cargo enforcement strategy. Through this program, CBP works with the trade community to strengthen international supply chains and improves United States border security. CTPAT is a voluntary public-private sector partnership program which recognizes that CBP can provide the highest level of cargo security only through close cooperation with the principle stakeholders of the international supply chain such as importers, carriers, consolidations, licensed customs brokers, and manufactures.

CTPAT members are considered to be low risk and are therefore less likely to be examined at a U.S. port of entry. Importers enjoy a variety of benefits, including taking an active role in working closely with the U.S. Government in its war against terrorism. In doing so, they can better identify their own security vulnerabilities and take corrective actions to mitigate risks. Some of the benefits of the program include:

* Reduced number of CBP examinations
* Front of the line inspections
* Possible exemption from stratified exams
* Shorter wait times at the border
* Assignment of a Supply Chain Security Specialist to the company
* Access to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Lanes at the land borders
* Access to the CTPAT web-based Portal system and a library of training materials
* Possibility of enjoying additional benefits by being recognized as a trusted trade Partner by foreign Customs Administrations that have signed Mutual Recognition with the United States
* Eligibility for other U.S. Government pilot programs, such as the Food and Dug Administration Secure Supply Chain program
* Business resumption priority following a natural disaster or terrorist attack
* Importer eligibility to participate in the importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA)
* Priority consideration at CBP’s industry-focused Centers of Excellence and Expertise

We are experts in CTPAT certification and managing the ongoing requirement of participation. Contact us to discuss your company’s potential participation.