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There are many different reasons as to you should choose us to serve you.

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What Makes Us Different

AJH Elite Inc. is dedicated to engaging a complete cloud-based solution that is supported by our very own in-house, custom-made cloud base system. We strive for the most efficient processes, aligned with customer’s requirements by using the best combination of human effort and intelligence and advanced technology.

Traditional Brokerage AJH ELITE INC
Customs clearance status is a black hole, with zero visibility All shipments, regardless of the freight provider, are visible in one location.
You send an email to your broker with docs and from that moment until they send you a 7501, you have no idea what’s happening with the entry. AJH Elite Inc provides you pure visibility into the status of the clearance, starting with letting you know when the entry will be filled according to our level commitment and giving you detailed milestones along the way. In short, you have more visibility into customs status than if you had an in-house brokerage team.
You get confusing invoices that change from entry to entry Transparent and easy to understand billing.
Variable entry fees depending on line count, invoices, BLs, and PGAs (like FDA). ISF fees, RLF fees, document handling fees and other fees. We have one flat fee that encapsulates all of those services that you clearly understand from day one.
On-boarding a new importer is painful and slow AJH Elite Inc POA process is simple, fast, customs, and compliant
Request for additional information are the norm, adding a new importer to get a single entry filled takes days and costs valuable time. We streamine this process and our team takes on the burden of officer verification unless we trule can’t find it, we don’t burdent you.
Docs are managed by email and scattered file (paper and paper) Simple, easy and well organized doc turnover and retrieval
Consolidated containers with multiple sets of invoice and packing list result in multiple emails, confusion. BLs, arrival notices, 7501s, 3461s, all scattered in the either of the internets and files. All docs are stored together, securely, and in the cloud for stakeholders to whom you grant access, 24/7, from anywhere at anytime. We bundle them in one doc set for download all together in a few short seconds.
Zero visibility into classifications, tariff rates, PGA, and section 301/Trump Tariffs Pure and simple visibility into an ever growing product library
When a new section 301 list emerges, your broker takes weeks to identify how you and your and clients will be impacted. You have no visibility into what HTS numbers are subjected to FDA and other PGAs, and no method of tracking and cataloging classifications. Two clicks and a sort and you can every bit of information in a clean and digestible format for you and your client’s consumption. Classifications documented and conduction by trained brokers, and product libraries that can be imported, and exported easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we pay duties?
AJH will set you up with Periodic Monthly Statement to pay directly to U.S. Customs. We take care of the setup and there is no charge to you. You will get an advantageous payment terms (varies) with NO extra fees on duties.
Our current broker manages to provide updated shipment status. Will AJH do the same?
Yes, and we will provide much more. We have accesses to nearly every steamshiplines, CFS warehouses, and the port terminals. AJH will give you the information on last free day, shipment location, availability and more. Usually this data involves another party or comes with additional service fees, but we provide it at no additional charges to every of our valued customers.
How do we know if our shipment is cleared and released or on a customs exam hold?
AJH provides auto generated emails to importers to notify them the shipment status.
Is AJH Elite Inc. a freight forwarder?
No, we are a completely freight consultant. We can work with your freight forwarder, trucker and warehouses in a non-competitive way. If you would like a referral, we do have an alliance program with freight forwarders, truckers, and 3PL service provider.
How are your rates better than other customs brokers?
We are a technology company that was founded with a group of experienced professionals in trade compliance. We built our very own software, and as a result, we can operate efficiently, and be incredibly customer-focused.
Is there a free trial?
Yes, you can enjoy the first month as free trial under the BASIC package. After the free trial, you may pay monthly or annually, the monthly cost is 20% more.
We have lots of FDA shipments; are there extra fees for these types of shipments and can we handle these via the importer generated entry?
Of course NOT! We are unlike nearly every other broker, we don’t charge extra for Partner Government Agency (PGA) entries like FDA and they are available for importer-generated entries.
Does AJH Elite Inc. not handle certain commodities?
We currently do not support perishables and will never support anything illicit.
Why should we choose AJH Elite Inc.?
Because we CARE.

If you have any questions about us and what we can do for you, kindly give us a call or send us a message to learn more.