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Our Mission

We value every importers’ needs whether they are big or small U.S. importers. AJH Elite has tailor-made our comprehensive customs brokerage services to meet importers’ needs. We operate under standardized processes that are continually validated, measured, analyzed, and reviewed to ensure our service quality level.

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Our Company

AJH Elite Inc. is a licensed U.S. customs brokerage in Long Beach Port, which has been providing national customs clearance services since 2009. We provide a full range of custom brokerage services that tailor to importers’ needs. We truly understand and believe each business is unique and we simplify the importing process by using an automated broker interface that connects directly to the US Customs system.

The Team

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Service Highlights:

  • Pre-import consultation
  • Customs bond filing
  • National Customs clearance
  • Filing of Importer Security Filing
  • Other government agency filing
  • Inland to door trucking
  • Duty drawback entry service
  • Compliance to regulations

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